Fort Kochi


History lies safe and sound in the land of Kerala. Fort Kochi is the flawless example for this. If you are looking for a different experience in the God’s on land, step out and take a walk through the K.J. Herchel road. This walk lays before you the rich culture and heritage of Portuguese. Fort Kochi got its name from the Fort Emmanuel which was constructed for the commercial dealings. This fort by the shore reveals to you the style of an era.

The other major spot to explore is the Jewish synagogue also known to be the “Paradesi synagogue” which was constructed during 1567. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Belgium glass chandeliers and brass-railed pulpit.

Let free your brain and mind in the breeze. Then open your eyes to the elegant structures of the Chinese fishing nets beside the Fort Kochi beach. These nets are of 10 meter height and 20 meter outstretch. Enjoy the lazy rhythm of these nets and let your taste buds enjoy the hot food from the street ventors. Also take your time to relax and view the Arabian sea. You can also add a beautiful picture to your album by a click infront of the steam boilers.

The Mattancherry Palace is the living monument for the Dutch influence in the region. This palace was build by the Portugese and gifted to King of Kochi in 1555. Later the Dutch carried out some renovations in 1663 and then it was known to be the Dutch Palace. This Palace is constructed in the traditional Kerala style known as the “nalukktu”. It also contains several mural paintings that depict the Hindu religion. It also exhibits the living style and richness of the King of Kochi.

Are you interested to know the history and influence of the foreign culture in Kochi? Then step into the Indo-Portugese Museum. It was established by Dr. Joseph Kuruthara, Bishop of Kochi. It showcases the cultural heritage of Portugese and their influence on Kochi. This visit can quench the thirst of you knowledge hunting brain!

One among the eight basilicas in Kerala is situated in Fort Kochi. It is the Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica. Visiting this Cathedral can offer you an eternal bliss and calm your swamped mind. This charming cathedral was founded in 1505 by Francisco de Almeida. It is visited by tourists the whole year. It’s gothic style and architecture offers a magical sight.

The other major attraction is the St. Francis CSI Church built in the year 1503. It is a historically important spot. The Portuguese explorer Vas co da Gama died in Kochi in 1524 and was buried in this church. But after fourteen years the body was removed and taken back to Lisbon.

Fort Kochi is not just for Portuguese, it also contain a Jain temple in the Gujarathi road of Mattancherry. This temple was build for the Jain Tirthankas Shri Dharmanath. It has an elegant architecture and reminds us of a north Indian Jain temple. Don’t forget to take a look at this delightful place of at most tranquility.

Fort Kochi, the place of infallible charm and pleasure can always be one of the best place of visit. It can offer you the most splendid scenes and the varied cultural heritage of Kerala. Hope you enjoy this vibrant journey in the land of great history!