Kerala is your perfect destination for tradition, culture and relaxation. With its composed beach vista, swaying elephant rides and tranquil houseboat voyages along tropical backwaters, you'll get convinced why Travelers picks Kerala as one of the ten Paradise Found. There are many spellbinding elements that make Kerala an exemplary holiday spot.

Holidays at Kerala

We’re always here to plan and execute that perfect days for you. We assure you memorable holidays in Kerala with wildlife, local culture, rituals and traditional food, history, rapturous beaches, supreme luxury and subdued adventure. We’ll pick out and suggest activities that perfectly supplement to your itinerary, suggest destinations off the beaten path to experience the real beauty of Kerala.

Tourist Spots in Kerala

The coastal state has well-to-do in distinctive traditions and culture, and prolific unspoiled tropical beauty. Most of all, Kerala is widely known for its princely elephants, vivid temple festivals, and the tranquil outback. The pace of life is slow, modeling Kerala the perfect destination for a leisurely vacation.

A Complete Wildlife Experience

Experience the bliss of being cradled by Mother Nature. Starting from Munnar in the North to Kovalam in the South, Kerala proffers a great deal of variety landscape to suit the tastes and demands of its visitors. Scads of tourists visit the state for recreating peace and tranquility or for a vivacious holiday with some exhilarating adventure activities.

The flourishing green landscape of Kerala has a forest area of 11,125 sq km and kindred 5 National Parks and 13 wildlife sanctuaries. From royal tigers to feral elephants and exotic birds, wildlife in Kerala is a leading camp for tourists. Countless wildlife admirers reach out to see these delighting animals capering in their own natural habitat, with no distress.

The broad-shouldered mountain ranges of the Western Ghats provide for a sensational opportunity of trekking, thrilling mountaineering, rock climbing etc, while the lucent backwaters of Alleppey take you on mystical journey on appealing houseboats which offer you a chance to catch sight the agrarian countryside.

Palm Fringed Backwater Locations

Imagine the sound of the bamboo frame on midnight duskiness with the brightly glittering stars forming a celestial cover overhead as you repose on the upper-deck of your houseboat. Backwaters in Kerala guarantees leisured and serene travel experience accompanying the lavish paddy field spreads and coconut thicket shaded Malabar Coast.

A sequence of bay and canals connecting five large lakes, Kerala Backwaters is a labyrinth of water bodies extending over 900 kilometers. One of the most dominant expression of tourism in Kerala, the backwaters were used conservatively as waterways to shuttle rice and spices from one places to another in kettuvallams or the traditional rice flatboat which now forms the major tourist attraction and shuttle tourists and visitors from one destination to other.

Hill Stations of Kerala

One of the most spellbinding tourist destinations of India!

Nature-diversity is one of the prime attractions in Kerala. There are good deals of mountains in the state. Many of these are turned into top hill stations where the tourists find themselves lapping up their holidays to the fullest. Hill stations in Kerala are acclaimed for their diversity and magnetism. Upstanding weather, charming atmosphere, etc. also captivate tourists.

Kerala, boarded by the Western Ghats ranges on its east has a wonderful reserve of hill stations and lot of amusement to offer, its thick green inviting locations, acres of tea, coffee, rubber and spice plantations, abundant and dense forests, remarkable or rare categories of flora and fauna, intersecting mountain ranges, pleasant small rivers and shattering waterfalls will turn your trip around. Apart from discovering the pleasant green country sight, tourists can enjoy activities like boating, trekking, hiking etc. These available possibilities for adventure tourism make these hill stations ideal destinations for those who love adventure. One of the attribute that makes these hill stations unique is the number of luxury resorts that have been located all around by offering a comfortable and pleasant stay. Still, it’s not wrong to say that one should travel on foot to explore these graceful hill stations.

So if you want to sooth your souls or unwind and mend yourself upon the secret of real life or in the middle of serenity, Kerala hill stations are the perfect ultimate place. Here the selection of Top hill stations packages of Kerala, known for their refreshing beauty and good weather. Travelogue Kerala Holidays assures that the experience of holiday at these hill stations would gift you an extraordinary pack of memories.

Beaches in Kerala

Let the waves hit your feet and the sand be your seat!

Sharing a 550 km long coastline overlooking the grand Arabian Sea is the majestic posture of Kerala. Being on the coastal front of the country, Kerala is the home to some ravishing beaches. If you want to mislay yourself in the arms of Mother Nature, Kerala is a true paradise. These beaches are distinguished by extended stretches of golden sand, lucid skies, and rows upon rows of swinging palm trees. Easily available accommodation is what we offer at Travelogue Kerala Holidays for exploring this exotic beauty of the nature. A day at these beaches restores the soul. Beaches in Kerala are best known for meditation and Yoga practice. These are the places which lure thousands of people who want to seek solace or want to indulge in some adventurous activities. Unspoiled and immaculate, words fail to describe the scenic beaches of Kerala. Get swept by the dashing river, topple over rapids, dive over the waves and feel the freezing spray on your face, beaches of Kerala will stick to the beautiful recalls of the tourists for a lifetime. The scads of underwater life have earned the attention from underwater divers, snorkelers and adventure enthusiasts. Exhilarating Snowboard surfing in Trivandrum, serene Kayaking at Alappuzha and rafting in the waters of Boothathankettu are some of the adventure activities which tourist usually appreciates on a trip to the seashores of Kerala.

Whether it is to adore the horizons, the fondness of waters, engaging in the natural explorations or relaxing around, Kerala is the best place to be in. Being blissful by opulent beaches, Kerala makes it tough to leave any beach unexplored.

Temples of Kerala

Plan a visit to the land of temples and festivals!

Kerala the southernmost state of India, known as ‘The Land of Gods’ is full of legends & tales and houses several ancient as well as astonishing temples. Some of them are 2000 years old and most of them are dedicated to Lord Shiva and Vishnu. Thus, Kerala is considered to be an incredible and sacred tourist destination in India. Kerala is the perfect destination for those who strive for the extensive spirituality in India. A divine tip to Kerala will gift you the feel of holiness, opportunity to investigate great religious spots, astounding architecture of the ancient temples, adorned tradition, exceptional colorful festivals & rituals and honored sculpture.

Experience the different temples across Kerala – a journey fairly satisfying for devotees and cultural enthusiasts alike. We organize packages tying together Kerala’s major places of worship and historically significant locations. To know more about the cultural heritage and religious aspects of the place, plan to visit some of the famous temples mentioned below!

Waterfalls in Kerala

Explore the Unseen Beauty of Nature!

Visible as well-made silver linings on the deluxe green tropical shade from a distance, the waterfalls in Kerala turn into a world of spectacles when approached. Nature seems to saturate the perky streams of Western Ghats and born out of the cherished relationship are the stunning cascades that roll the beats loud to declare their arrival. The land of Kerala has ample of forests, lakes and waterfalls. Waterfalls are the natural scenic beauty and in Kerala and it range from 100 to 200 feet. To add to this is the pleasant climate which makes sure you witness the majestic falls in their full might. Tourists will find many minor and considerably large waterfalls that are more eminent during the rainy season. You can feel the eternal power while laying out some time at these waterfalls in Kerala. It’s a joy to see the fizzy waters falling down from the rough mountains.

When in God’s own country, you are always in close vicinity to lineups of waterfalls and missing out even one among them may make you regret later. So next time you are in Kerala, find out which of these spectacular beauties you are near to and don’t miss the visit because holidays at Kerala will not be completed without a visit to the spectacular waterfalls.