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Are you looking for travel packages to join top fair and festivals in Kerala?

Are you looking for travel packages to join top fair and festivals in Kerala?

Being land of festivals, art and culture of Kerala have been traditionally preserved by their list of festivals falling across the year. These fairs are celebrated by its entire people, irrespective of caste, creed or community. We are presenting before you complete list of top festivals in Kerala which will leave you awestruck!
1. Onam Festival
Onam is one of the most popular and colourful festivals of Kerala. It is a harvest festival and commemorating the Vamana avatar of Lord Vishnu and homecoming of legendary emperor Mahabali, who is said to visit Kerala at Onam time. It’s a 10 day long celebrations and the traditional practice of laying pookalam (floral carpets) starts at day 1. All people will go shopping as the festival is associated with gifting new clothes. Day 9 is the most auspicious eve and you’ll see everyone purchasing vegetables and other food items for the next day. It is believed that no-one should stay starving at day 10. Thus, every poor and needy will get free food at day 10. Myths state that the king Mahabali will spend the next four days touring his kingdom to bless his subjects. Travelogue Kerala offers best travel packages at Onam season for you to witness this biggest celebration of Kerala.
2. Nehru Trophy Boat Race
Noted as the largest boat race in the whole world, it is held on the second Saturday of every August at Punnamada Lake near Alappey. On this day, the soothing lakefront will be transformed into a sea of people, with a rough estimation of 2 lakh audience including foreigners. It is the most competitive race in God’s Own Country and no wonder it is one of the prime time to book a visit to Kerala with one of the best travel operators. For the participants of this race, a victory at Nehru Trophy Boat Race is something to be celebrated for months. To support the participants and to keep the competition interesting, the audience will sing Vanchippattu ( Boat Song) offering much more excitement to viewers.

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3. Cochin Carnival
It is a merry-making festival celebrated during the last week of every year in Cochin. The celebration has been gradually evolved for youth to celebrate a party-like atmosphere for a week. With remarkable illuminations, decorations, unique games and competitions, the whole place will have a festive look. The highlight of this carnival is the massive procession held on every New Year day. The procession will include elephants, drums, panchavadhyam, folk arts etc. If you’re in search of travel packages which include Cochin Carnival, we can help you out.
4. Bakrid
The Bakrid recalls Ibrahim's (Abhraham) offering of his only son as a sacrifice in obedience to God's command. The Muslims enjoy cheerful feasts on Bakrid day. The rich may sacrifice a he-goat or a bullock and give out to friends, relatives and the poor. The well known Haj is performed after the celebration of Idul Azha. The entire atmosphere will be filled with the "Allahu-Akbar". The gathering then prepares for the congregational prayer led by the respective Imam. After the ceremonial Id prayer, the leader addresses the devotees, encouraging them to be conscious of their duties to God. As the prayer and the sermon conclude, the assembly exchange greetings and as a token of brotherhood, hug each other. The festivity at home starts after the ceremonial prayer with jovial feasts followed by social visits. Women enjoy this occasion by visiting neighbouring houses and engaging in singing and dancing. All the Islamic festivals have some religious significance and they consider it asoccasions to express their gratitude to God.
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5. Attukal Pongala
Popular as the festival exclusively for women, Attukal Pongala is a festival that is worth to witness in Kerala. Conducted in Attukal Bhagavathi Temple in capital city Thiruvananthapuram, the festival holds a Guinness record for being the largest single gathering of women for a religious activity. It is a 10 day long event which starts from the Karthika stared Barani day of the Malayalam month of Makaram-Kumbham, overlapping February - March. The celebration ends with the sacrificial offering “Kuruthitharpanam” performed during the night. The ninth day is when Attukal Pongala Mahotsavam takes place and it is considered as the biggest day of the festival. In this, a large number of women make offerings by cooking rice known as “pongal” for the Goddess to please her. Any woman can participate in this festival and get blessings from the
goddess. It is reported that the number of participants in this festival is getting increased year after year.

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