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Looking for Temple Tour Packages in Kerala?

Looking for Temple Tour Packages in Kerala?

Kerala is well known for its tradition and culture. The amount of pain the Keralites takes to preserve their rich culture in the middle of this globalization is commendable. Centuries old temples of Kerala are the proofs that people are protective about these cultures. You should take a Kerala temple tour once in a year to unwind yourself from all those hassles around you.

The architectural styles of the temples are unique with inherent simplicity. Most of the temples in Kerala are found with circular plan or apsidal plan which is very rare in other parts of India. The temple architecture is largely influenced by the geography of the region, blessed with thick forest, paddy fields and pleasant villages. Plan to visit Kerala temples?

Let’s list you the best temples in Kerala to make your trip more special.

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple
This ancient temple of lord Vishnu is situated in Trivandrum. It was established by Travancore family and it says that, as the tradition continued, the priceless treasures are still remaining safe in this temple’s vault. The idol of lord Vishnu is seen in a special posture, and
you can witness this spectacle form of him nowhere else. Kerala Temple Tourism obviously points out this temple as one of the most visited temples in Kerala by tourists. 
Attukal Bhagavathy Temple
You must not miss visiting Attukal Bagavathy Temple on your Kerala Temple Tours. It is situated very near to Padmanabhaswamy temple and is dedicated to goddess Parvathy.It is also termed as temple for women as pongala is held every year, women cook pongala –a mixture of rice, coconut, ghee and jiggery as an expression to please goddess Parvathy.Every year thousands of devotees come to participate in this event, and even the line will be shifted to the entire roads of the locality to accommodate them.
Ambalapuzha Srikrishna Temple
Kerala temple list is incomplete without very famous Ambalapuzha Srikrishna Temple. It is one of the ancient temples in Kerala built in the early 17 th century. This temple is well known for the delicious “palpayasam” served as offering to devotees. Alapuzha, the famous backwater point of Kerala is just 8 km away from this temple. You can enjoy both Kerala best temple tour combined with Backwater packages in Kerala.

Chottanikkara Temple
The divine goddess at Chottanikkara Temple cares every illness of her devotees, especially for those who suffers from mental illness. This goddess has 3 faces a day, Saraswathi in morning, Badrakali in noon and Durga in the evening.Guruvayoor Sreekrishna Temple
This is one of the most famous temples in Kerala and is very crowded almost every day.Being such an ancient temple, there are many stories associated with its origin and also the rituals and festivals conducted at there.

Vadakkunathan Temple
The great shiva temple situated in the temple town of Kerala, Thrissur. This huge temple stands in a 9 acre area surrounded by big walls and towered entrances on four sides. This temple being a hillock and city flows around it. This ancient temple in Kerala has even brought the top UNESCO price “Award of Excellence” to India for the remarkable conservation of this majestic temple.

To know more about the traditional and religious aspects of the state, plan to visit temples of Kerala with us! Travelogue Kerala offers affordable temple tour packages of Kerala for making it special for you.